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Remarketing can help you reach people who have previously visited your website as they visit other sites on the Google Display Network or search on Google. Using remarketing, you can show these customers messages tailored to them based on which sections of your site they visited. To start using remarketing, you need to add the remarketing tag, a small snippet of code that you get from AdWords, across all your site pages. Many sites have an identical footer for all pages, and this remarketing tag could be placed there. Once you've added the remarketing tag to your site, you can create remarketing lists for any of your webpages. For example, you could create a remarketing list for visitors to your most popular product category. The remarketing tag tells AdWords to save visitors to your "Popular category list." When people visit that page, their cookie id is added to the remarketing list. Then, you create an AdWords campaign with a specific message to show only to people on your "Popular category list" while they search on Google or browse other Display Network sites. Your remarketing messages won't be shown to people who are not on the list. Because the remarketing tag is on all of the pages of your website, you can develop more detailed audiences. For example, you could create lists not only for your most popular product category, but also for each of your other product categories or your shopping cart

Want to make an impression on customers with engaging graphics Use image ads to capture people's attention as they browse websites in the Google Display Network. The network contains thousands of sites and apps, from online newspapers to blogs to Google websites, such as Blogger. Image ads give you a way to entice customers to your website, using a combination of graphics and text. In this article, you'll learn about: Supported ad sizes for images ads on desktops High-end mobile devices How to create image ads How to use the Ad gallery

By linking your Google AdWords and Merchant Center accounts, you will be able to surface your products directly in your Product Listing Ads. Product Listing Ads campaigns that are linked to Google Merchant Center accounts will receive the benefit of richer, more specific product information in their creatives, including images and prices

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